Pick up and drop off service
Available for regularly scheduled daycare dogs only…

(Limited availability for boarders & extra charges apply)

We encourage all of our daycare clients to take advantage of our pick up and drop off service. We feel it is not only convenient and economical but it reduces the number of vehicles on the road therefore being a little more environmentally friendly … AND The fewer people coming and going from Puppy Tails Daycare means the more accurately we can schedule our pickups and drop offs AND most importantly, THE MORE PLAY TIME FOR THE DOGS!

Our routes are arranged in the most efficient order possible. Because we pick up several dogs we are not be able to accommodate specific time requests. If you wish to leave a key or a garage code we would be happy to simply take your dogs from and return them to your house without you having to wait for us. We would prefer not to leave them in the yard at the end of the day. (Unless you are absolutely, 100% ,certain that they can’t get out).

The fee for the pickup or drop off service is $ 5.00 (plus GST)

If you absolutely require a specific pick up and drop off time additional charges will apply.